Delco Times Editorial: #MeToo bills long overdue

Editorial: A day of #MeToo reckoning arrives in Harrisburg
Delaware County Daily Times
December 21, 2017

The day of reckoning for sexual harassment – already reverberating around the worlds of entertainment, media and Washington, D.C. – has arrived in Harrisburg.

And two women legislators from Delaware County are leading the charge.

It does not come a minute too soon.

Last week state Reps. Leanne Krueger Braneky, D-161 of Swarthmore, and Margo Davidson, D-164 of Upper Darby, were among a group of lawmakers who rolled out a package of bills designed to offer more protection to women who are victims of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

And more transparency as well.

Call it #MeToo comes to the Commonwealth.

The bills would require better workplace training and extend protections to employees of small businesses; create a task force to examine sexual assault on college campuses; and prevent non-disclosure agreements for sexual assault claims.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is bad enough. That it is being shrouded under a cloud of secrecy – at taxpayer expense – is outrageous.

The package of bills put up by Krueger-Braneky and Davidson is long overdue.

This kind of behavior is no longer tolerable. Not in Hollywood. Not in the Big Apple. Not in Washington, D.C. And not in Harrisburg.

And certainly not on the taxpayers’ dime.

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