Leanne Krueger-Braneky is an outsider who is working to clean up the corrupt culture in Harrisburg. Leanne refuses to take oil and gas money and has worked to weaken lobbyists’ influence. Leanne will continue to shake up the status quo, challenge party leaders from both sides, and make government more accountable to regular Pennsylvanians.

Independent and moderate Republican voters across Pennsylvania’s 161st House District, but specifically those in Aston Township, Brookhaven Borough, Ridley Township, and Springfield Township, need to read that while in office, Leanne Krueger-Braneky has stood up for our policemen and firefighters and led the fight against a corporate backed bill that would have made it harder for first responders to get the health care they need when they get hurt on the job. She’s helped secure more than a million dollars for local fire departments, and the Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Leanne because of her support for our first responders.

All voters in the 161st District need to read that Leanne Krueger-Braneky is working to make it more affordable for seniors to stay in Delco, from voting to tax oil and gas companies so we can lower property taxes for seniors living on a fixed income, to helping lower prescription drug costs. In her first four months in office, Leanne closed a tax loophole on big tobacco, bringing $6 million back into the state general fund to help lower taxes for our homeowners.

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  1. Pennsylvania General Assembly, SB 936, Vote #1003, 2/6/2018;;;


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