Meet Leanne

State Representative Leanne Krueger represents Pennsylvania’s 161st Legislative District in Delaware County, making history in 2015 as the first woman to represent the district. From the day she was sworn in, Leanne made it her goal to flip the PA House so that we could pass good legislation. Leanne served as the Chair of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, leading the effort that flipped the PA House from red to blue in 2022 and winning four special elections to protect our one-seat majority. Leanne was elected as the Majority Caucus Administrator, becoming the first woman to hold that leadership position in our Caucus. Leanne holds an MBA from Eastern University and a BA from Rutgers University. She lives in Wallingford with her son, Wendell. The new (as of 2023) 161st District comprises Aston Township, Brookhaven Borough, Nether Providence Township, Ridley Township (part), Middletown Township (part) Upland Borough, and Chester Township.