Leanne’s #MeToo bill mentioned in LNP Editorial

State lawmakers, and voters, need to address toxic culture of sexual harassment at Pennsylvania’s Capitol
LNP Editorial Board
December 20, 2017

And the House and Senate need to advance, with some urgency, Democratic state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky’s bill, the #METOO PA General Assembly Act. It would ban nondisclosure agreements that keep hidden the names of General Assembly members who commit sexual harassment, and would forbid General Assembly members from using taxpayer funds to pay settlement costs.

If the culture inside the Capitol is going to change dramatically, we’re going to need to elect more women to the General Assembly. In the meantime, we urge the good guys in Harrisburg to be more outspoken about the lawmakers they know are behaving badly. Looking the other way is not going to work anymore.

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